Church Reopening Plan

June 9, 2020

Church family, in the video above, Pastor Kyle shares some exciting next steps. Please watch the video and read more about the specific details and considerations below..

Thursday Night Service

Beginning June 25th, Two Cities will have an in-person worship gathering everyThursdayat 6:30PM. This will enable us to begin meeting together and prepare us for next steps as we transition to fully reopening.

  • Reserving Your Seats In light of social distancing, we are limiting the number of seats available for our Thursday Night Gathering. In order to attend, you will need to register every member of your family and guests. Each Monday, a new registration link will be available on our website and sent out in an email by 12PM. 
  • Online Gatherings After Thursday night gatherings begin, we will continue to have Online Gatherings Sundays at 8AM + 10AM + 5PM(No more Saturday Night Online Gathering or Sunday 1PM Gathering). The entire service will be on-demand after the 5PM broadcast each week on Facebook and YouTube.
  • Kids Ministry Kids Ministry and childcare will not be available for this service, but children may attend the service with their parents. We will be providing a coloring/kid’s note-taking sheet. Parents, bring your own crayons (no markers please).

More Details about our Thursday Gathering

  • Know Your Risk We cannot guarantee or control your safety, but we are taking measures such as installing hand sanitizing stations, sanitizing high touch areas, and propping open all doors before each service. You are welcome to wear a maskif that makes you feel more comfortable, but this is not something we are requiring. 
  • Social Distancing Our ushers will work hard to make sure there is space between each family, group, or individual. To make this smoother, we ask that you move to the end of the rowallowing other groups to easily take their seats. Additionally, please be considerate of other’s physical boundariessuch as not shaking hands or hugging. 
  • Monitor Your Health In consideration of others, please monitor your own health to ensure you do not have any symptoms or a fever. If you have had symptoms, a fever, have tested positive for COVID in the past 14 days, or have had physical contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID outside of a controlled medical environment, we ask that you refrain from attending our in-person gatherings and follow doctors’ recommendations.
  • Vulnerable Populations It is our recommendation that vulnerable populations such as the elderly and immunocompromised continue to worship online during this season.

Transitioning to Full Reopening Sunday, August 16th

Thursday Night Gatherings will allow us to gauge when and how we can fully reopen. Our hope is to fully reopen no later than Sunday, August 16th. At this time, Thursday Gatherings would end and we would transition back to multiple Sunday Gatherings with Kids Ministry. 

We miss our church family, and we are eager to be back together as soon as possible!

Your Two Cities Staff Leadership

May 20, 2020

Pastor Kyle, here. After a lot of prayer, careful consideration, and seeking of wise counsel about our congregation size and our current facility limitations, we have put together a plan for how we will reopen in person gatherings.

While we want nothing more than to worship with you in person, we want to continue to make wise decisions for our church in each phase.

Above, you will find a short video from me detailing our plan, along with a corresponding document. The future may be blurry right now, but we know that it is bright.

Miss you church,

Pastor Kyle