What is the Discipleship Pathway?

Welcome to the Center Church Discipleship Pathway, an exciting journey of personal growth, spiritual development, and leadership empowerment! Our pathway is designed to help you thrive in your faith and become a dynamic leader, all while fostering deep connections within our church community.

Discipleship Pathway

You want to grow? We are here to help.

1. Rooted

Just as a tree needs strong roots to flourish, we believe that a solid foundation is crucial for your spiritual growth. Rooted is a year-long commitment that will help you establish deep roots in your faith. Through engaging reflections on core Christian truths, the nurturing of foundational discipleship practices, and meaningful connections in DNA Groups, you will be established more deeply in the faith. Get ready to discover new depths of your faith as you take the first step on our pathway.

2. Center EDU

To grow in loving and following God, we must continuously seek knowledge and understanding of His Word. Center EDU is a captivating three-course series that delves into 1) biblical knowledge, 2) systematic theology, and 3) church practice. Through this educational journey, you’ll dive deeper into the rich truths of Scripture, explore theological concepts, and understand church practice more clearly. Center EDU is an important second step on our pathway, propelling you towards a vibrant and informed faith.

3. Leadership Collective

Both the Rooted Project and Center EDU will be infused with leadership development and leadership opportunities. Still, one of the most important areas for a healthy church is godly and capable leadership. So, after Rooted and EDU we have an intentional time to train in key self, organizational, and church leadership practices.